Welcome to another edition of Rachael Academy podcast. Wow I can’t believe that we are coming into another new month, the month of October! How has your year been so far? Good I hope. So I decided to talk on the issue of mental health this episode of Rachael academy podcast, because number one this issue is very close to my heart, because 14 years ago I went through depression and I suffered from it for over a year.


Before I went through depression it was a very unknown subject to me and my family, you could kind of say it was a taboo subject.


During the past 3 month I have been made aware from the work I do online with entrepreneurs that there are a lot of you guys who have gone through some kind of depression at some point of your life this year and I was shocked to hear that from those who have acknowledge to me that they have or are going through depression, the majority of them have not sort professional help.


First of all me and my guest Omar Zac on our the Rachael Academy Podcast show  our not fully trained to give you all the information and advice you would need if you feel you are going through some kind of mental illness. There are many websites and agencies you can get help from. I have listed some of those below.


Please do make sure you get the relevant help that you need to make yourself better. And I wish you safe recovery.


If you feel that you would like a point of contact as an entrepreneur out there going through it on your own and would like a listen hear or point of contact, please get in touch with me through here.


My hope through my latest episode is to help you know that you are not alone in your fight and the information we provide you should help you cope and understand a little more about where you are right now.


All the best,


Rachael Aprill Phillips

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