Making the decision to chase your dreams can be a frightening one let alone as a teenager. I've found that I have been lucky to have had parents who have believed in me and believed in my dream for a very young age. Making large changes to your life and how you live it is never easy, but by breaking the path to your dreams down into manageable goals, you can make the transition a much easier one. Achieving your dreams is possible, you just need a good plan. In my latest podcast I've invited on to the show my parents and we sit down and take a hard look into how we as individuals of course from different journeys and ages in life are chasing our dreams.

My mother has published a great book that will help you make your startup dream a reality. The Purpose Driven Business I know I might only be 14 but it's quite hard this days to truly know what you really want when you have so much things shouting for your attention.

My mother gave me this book to read a couple of month ago and I found it to be a great help in helping me put the pieces of where I would like to go next and help me see a little step ahead when it come to my dreams of becoming a musician. I recommend you getting your hands on her ebook. 

It's a simple read but packed with some amazing information. From my experience the earlier you start you have a head chance in knowing what you want out of your life.

I learnt a lot as a teen and they learnt from me. I actually genuinely enjoyed this latest podcast. Hope you learn something guys, drop me a comment love to know.

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