Raising children, looking after a family and running a business is what most womanenpreneurs or career women face every single day. I find myself sometimes battling with thought, if I've spent enough time with my children this month? Have I given enough spare time to doing the house hold cleaning and tiding up.

It doesn't seem to matter how long I've been in business - there are still some days where I feel I might not be doing enough. I know if you are a womanpreneur out there you would know exactly what am talking about.

It’s obvious to say that studies show the majority of workers prefer companies that provide a healthy balance between work and personal life… But did you know that being overworked can actually be fatal? Science has shown that the more overworked you are, the greater risk you have for heart failure and stroke.

Unforeseen things happen in life and in business. The balancing act of trying to juggle home life, while trying to build a business on the side can sometimes take it's toll. You here the words 'being authentic' and you're trying your best to do so. 

The term was coined to identify the conflicting demands women face. It was probably invented by women or a woman who wanted to get a message out: "we cannot do it all."

In that regard, the term is somewhat sexist because it was not targeted at, or identified with men. When was the last time you heard a man say he needed a better balance in his life to take the kids to the park? And, why don't men seek more balance in their lives? If they were to pitch in more with chores and child-rearing, women might not be stretched so thin.

The truth is, we live in a changing society where men, in fact, helping out than they did fifty years ago. There are more single dads today than even twenty years ago (single dads not due to being widowed.) Men are slowly becoming more openly nurturing and supportive of wives who want to go back to school. But this is done quietly, household by household - society at large has yet to accept that men are contributing more.

Still, women continue to struggle with what is expected of them - or what they think is expected of them. Women strive to be super wives, super moms, and career women. All the while, they stress about getting older, gaining weight, and competing with younger women in the workforce.

In the latest episode of Rachael academy I talk about learning to find the right balance between business and your personal life, whilst learning to stay true to who you really are.

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