Hello my lovelies welcome to another episode of Rachael Academy podcast, hope your week has kicked off well. For those of you who have been following me for a while will know that I was running Rachael Academy from my home office. It was only two years ago I decided to lease out an office and studio and things have been going pretty well. Have also managed to find a great bunch of fellow entrepreneurs to support the work we do here for you awesome business owners.

I've published a small ebook on amazon kindle about the whole subject of working form home and how best to balance your life and work whilst creating room and time to make a little money from your home-based business.

A Practical Guide For Working From Home : How to Make Money from Home

For many small businesses the ideal situation for you is to be able to give an entire space from your home to your startup business, but we all know to well that cannot always be the case. Finding the fine line between work life balance is also a big deal. I know for me when running Rachael Academy from my home office two years ago, I found it hard to strike the balance on when 5.30 pm came around to switch the computer off and head for the door home. I was already at home so just one more hour would do and I would have the days project done and i would not have to carry it forwards into tomorrow.

And I'm sure you can guess what followed?!?

Me ending up staying to well over midnight, getting caught up on other projects and social media. So you can imagine my joy when I managed to land myself a great space outside my home. So on my latest Rachael Podcast I'm sharing with you some ways and ideas to help you cope with things we face as entrepreneurs in our home life that may have the potential overwhelm, overcrowd or affect our day to day business and also has the potential to affect our emotional balance and business owners.

I love to know your thoughts, why not take out the time to leave your thought in the comment box below.

Blessing XO

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