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How To Develop Resilience The Power To Move Mountains In Your Business And Life: With Winston Ben Clements

June 17, 2018

Winston Ben Clements is a former Technology Specialist turned Inspirational Speaker with a mission to create a world where nobody feels limited in what they can achieve. His recent TEDx talk titled Your Limitations Are An Illusion has been a big hit receiving 25k views in the first 2 weeks!


Born with a condition known as Brittle Bones disease, Winston suffered from frequent and painful bone fractures that disrupted much of his childhood. Despite his small stature and his use of a wheelchair, Winston’s story of resilience continues to inspire audiences to break through their barriers to live a richer and more rewarding life.


Podcast Show Questions


Thank you Winston for taking out the time to join me on The Secret Diaries Of Entrepreneurs.


Thank you Winston for taking out the time to join me today on The Secret Diaries Of Entrepreneurs.


1. Your story is an amazing one to say the least Winston. Which hurdles have you personally faced and how did you overcome them?


2. Was it obvious or did you stumble upon the answer(s)?


3. So Winston Resilience the power to move mountains. Can anyone really develop it or do you have to be born with it?


4. Tell us your story with resilience and how you knew you had it, or how did you develop it? 


5. How did you get started? Building up your confidence to share your unique story, Talk me through it.


6. What compelled you to become a Motivational Speaker?


7. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt if you had no limits?


8. What are some specific roadblocks to watch out for? When it comes to creating a positive mind and attitude?


9. What is your favorite word and why?


10. What turns you on?


11. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?


12. Where can people find out more about your work Winston and what you do and how can they support you if they wish to?


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