The Breaking Boundaries Mindset Coach and Speaker

Personal Individual Coaching That Will Eliminate Self Limited Beliefs And Break Your Emotional Boundaries.


Thank you Chris for taking out the time to join me on The Secret Diaries Of Entrepreneurs.


  1. Sum up Chris using three words, (Why those three words?)


Unstoppable, Passionate and Connected - Unstoppable because nothing can get in my way, and I can always get through whatever is given to me when it comes to an obstacle. Passionate, my little girl is my true passion, I do everything to make sure she gets everything she needs. Connected - because I am truly abundant, and I am very spiritual and have a belief of the higher world. 


  1. What inspires you?


People winning on a daily basis for their kids. I wish for people with what I currently don't have, as I believe having children and really giving them everything they deserve is what matters. I didn't particularly have a great childhood but I wish for others children to really experience the best. 


  1. Breakthrough for many people always seems to be round the corner, how can we guarantee that breakthrough comes knocking at our door?

By facing in to the fear of what you are looking to breakthrough with. Many people are living in scarcity and I find they don't understand how they think or feel due to the blueprint from experiences in their life from when they were younger or something that has become a traumatic experience. But it is fundamental to release and to face in to with guidance and knowing that you are safe and you will overcome these experiences.


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