The Apprentice-With Omar Zac Phillips | How I Started My Blog For Men

Hi my lovelies and welcome to another episode of Rachael Academy Podcast. Hope the month of June has been treating you well? I have had the privilege and joy to have had the chance to work with some amazing individuals over the past 5 years. So I want to introduce you some of them.

Welcome to our new podcast segment called The Apprentice, where I showcase some of my amazing clients who have had the joy to work with. You'll the listeners will get the chance to gt to know their back stories, why they started their businesses, their ups and downs and what they have learnt along the way. You will also get the chance to follow them along their current journey and explore what they have to offer to the world.

On our first show on The Apprentice, we welcome Omar Zac Phillips Founder of the amazing blog The Idea Of A Man.

Omar has been a active client of mine for the past 5 years. We have been working together on many different projects. He came to me 5 years ago with an idea and a dream of starting a business.

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