Welcome to another Episode Of Rachael Academy. Hope your month of March was an amazing one and you made it the best month ever. Throughout the month of April and maybe throughout the year I'm going to be introducing Guest podcast into the Rachael Academy list of episodes. 

Here on Rachael Academy I've had the privilege to work with some amazing clients, men and women from across the globe who have taken the giant step to launch their own dream business. So through out the year I will be allowing them to crash into the hot seat of Rachael Academy and showcase their own podcast.

I feel like a proud mother who is beaming from ear to ear as I watch my child perform on stage for the first time! I'm so proud of my clients and all they have achieved. They believed in them selves enough to push through and past their fear and embraced the journey of creating their dream business.

So without further ado I would like to introduce to Omar Zac Phillips Founder of The Idea Of A Man. Omar has been my client for many years and has finally taken the leap and has launched he's brand to the marketplace and the world. He's website to launch on the 1st April 2019.

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