Journey of a sister with Cezanne


Welcome to another edition of Rachael Academy Podcast I’m so glad you are here, it wouldn’t be the same without all our avid listeners. Thank you so much for making Rachael Academy such a success.


And today we have another amazing guest on our show today.


Our guest on our show today is Visual and Spoken word artist and author Cezanne Taharqa,


Cezanne has written two wonderful books her first The Journey Of A Sister and her second How To Get The Ring On Your Finger, which are available to purchase on amazon , all other online stores and her website. Cezanne also travels speaking at events and workshops across the globe and rings with her, her creative expression that comes from her spiritual and personal development


Cezanne welcome to our comfy sofa on Rachael Academy Podcast.


 Podcasts Questions and Notes


  1. My first question I always ask my quest on Rachael Academy which I’m going to ask you also is- give me three words that describe you and why?
  2. Let’s go back to when you were a child, tell me what characterized you as you were growing up and help shape the person you are today?
  3. So many people and especially women suffer pain or some kind of trauma. What helped you heal on your journey of healing?
  4. So many of us don’t take the road of personal development, because we sometimes find it long and hard and sometimes to frighten to do the internal work. What pushed you or motivated you to take the road of personal development?
  5. Why the journey of a sister and How to get the ring on the finger? Is there a story behind their creation?


  1. I know many poets and writers , what does poetry mean to you and is there any life lesson we can take from being a poet?
  2. I love taking out time to reflect and pamper myself especially as I love what I do and you know when you love what you do; you can never really switch off. So when you mentioned that you also hold retreats I wanted to know more. Tell me about the self-love Retreat?
  3. What makes this retreat different from all the other retreats out there?
  4. As an author I guess you might also be a reader. Tell me a title of two books that helped you on your journey of personal development and healing.
  5. What does 2019 hold for you?
  6. Thank you so much for coming to join us as a guest here on Rachael Academy it was a joy to have you on our show. Tell the audience how they can find out more about you? And how they could get the opportunity to attend of your retreats?


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